The Ceylon Scooter Club, established in 2014 and serves as a main hub for the community of classic scooter riders and enthusiasts in Sri Lanka. The Ceylon Scooter Club mission is to promote rallies, rides, education, safety and support for all those with a passion for the iconic Classic Scooters, no matter what make or model they ride. The time is now and is yours to come join a family like no other, lets TWO-STROKE it to greater levels, happy scootering with Ceylon Scooter Club.






Certain beginnings are unplanned and that’s the beauty and the thrill of it. Ceylon Scooter Club has routes dating back to 2014 where it all began. I Suren Rodrigo followed my grandfather’s memories and got myself a Vespa which was completely a new field for me and while I was at it my friend Chinthaka Thenuwara too bought one. Then we met Janithra Chathuranga who already had a classic scooter. One fine day without pre-planned, we three towed one of our scooters to a mechanic and that’s where the fourth member, Amal Rajapakse was found and comes into the story. Every dark cloud has a silver lining putting the saying into action the four of us got talking keeping the scooter breakdown to aside not knowing we would be the founders of such a movement looking back in time , by the way yes this all began at a garage making it even more charismatic!

The four of us got talking and was wondering whether there were any more enthusiasts in Lanka who loves the iconic PUT-PUT, where we finally figured out why not start a little movement where we could find more who shares the same passion and maybe traveling around the paradise together. The day that started everything was the 22nd of June 2014 where the four of us along with a few more scooter riders did our first official ride around Colombo and oh boy didn’t it feel good! That evening we knew the four of us are creating waves and that there are many hidden scooter riders with the same passion and we have to create bigger waves to rescue this forgotten machine.

The iconic classic scooter was more than a mode of transport in the yesteryears and was a lifestyle but sadly with time the millenniums no longer shared the same passion and the trend went away with time. The very first official outing was held on the 14th of July 2014 with an amazing turn up of close upon 30 scooter riders with the iconic machines to Kithulgala, which exceeded all our expectations. Things were falling into place with every tour and every additional scooter rider, the society and Sri Lanka were starting to recall the vibrant old years where the classic scooters used to be around the following got stronger by the day. The dreams we had slowly started becoming realities with each tour and each gathering got stronger and took us further in the paradise island. Belihul-Oya, Nuwara-Eliya, Galle, Meemure are just a few tours that made some unforgettable memories with building an unforgettable friendship along the way.

The possibilities are endless and the achievements are limitless as we look forward to creating a stronger classic scooters society, which not only provides a mode of transport but also a character to the machine making the journey that much more interesting.


Suren Rodrigo

(Founder – Ceylon Scooter Club)